Hello readers. SLO Style Watch is currently in its beginning design stages. While the overall look of this blog is under construction, here are a few blogs that have inspired SLO Style Watch. Please stay tuned for future updates.

Lashes and Leotards.

The moment I clicked the link to Lashes and Leotards, I knew the blog was about dancing. The title was clever, but clear, and the three giant photos on the top banner automatically explained what the content of the blog was about.

This blog is a ”journalism” cite. Although some posts were told in first person, the majority of the posts were told in journalistic style: they had three sources, with at least one expert; they were news-based; and they were stories that would not be found on a Google search.

Visually, I liked how the author went with a color theme, purple and black, and incorporated the colors throughout the blog. I also liked how the text was broken up into short segments, with pull quotes, bullet points, and visuals that broke up the text.

Content-wise, the author did a great job exploring personal dancers’ stories and dancers’ personal tips. She also did a great, in-depth job exploring the dance scene at Cal Poly. I liked the overall look of the blog. Lashes and Leotards demonstrated that simple is appealing. In my blog, I would like to incorporate the use of pull quotes and the how-to slideshows.

Beauty on a Budget

The title of the blog was very clear and concise, so I therefore knew what the blog was about before I clicked into it. The visual in the header was also a good indicator that the blog was about beauty tips that cost less.

This blog is a “journalism” site. While many of the posts are personal and in first person, there are several posts that follow the inverted pyramid style, have three sources, and have a formal tone. However, many of the posts were subject matters that I could have learned about through a simple Google search.

Visually, the text size and placement were not appealing to me. The text stretched across the majority of the screen in clumps, and I found myself losing my spot many times while reading. I liked how the author embedded links into her text, however, the color was very similar to the background color, and were hard to see.

I really liked the subject of the blog. I plan on creating an “on a budget” blog as well, and I feel like the topic is very practical and prevalent to the college-based audience.

For my blog, I want to incorporate a “most recent post” section on my side bar. I feel this component features the posts in a central location and encourages visitors to view the posts that interest them, instead of hunting through the whole blog.

Well That Was Awkward

After seeing the title and subhead, my first impression was the blog was about the awkward moments students have had while at Cal Poly.

This blog was not quite a “journalism” cite. Although the posts had very entertaining and captivating content, many of the posts did not have substance and lacked three sources.

Visually, I liked the use of the pull quotes. The pull quotes not only separated the chunks of text, but they did a good job of highlighting the story. I also liked how the layout was simple, for this kept me focused and engaged in the content.

I really enjoyed the premise of this blog. This topic can be relatable to a wide audience, and the humor keeps the audience coming back. However, I would have taken a more formal tone to some of the posts.

As said before, I really like the use of a slide show feature to tell a story. I plan on doing a “do it yourself” post, and I think a visual step-by-step slide show would really complement the content.


At first glance, I got the impression The Huffington Post is a news site that features timely news articles, blogs, and opinion columns.  

This site is a “journalism” site. All content follows the journalistic style of writing, is well researched, has three sources, and is written in a formal tone.

The site is a little overwhelming. As a first-time viewer, I was bombarded with dozens of feature articles just on the homepage alone. Also, mixed in with the articles were advertisements, and I had a hard time distinguishing an advertisement from an article.

Content-wise, I was very impressed. Since this is a news site, there is a variety of content available: World news, national news, arts and entertainment, and opinion columns.

The ‘Follow Us’ bar on the side of the homepage is a feature that I would like to incorporate into my blog. I feel that having this bar will help gain, and maintain, a follower base.


At first glace, I thought that gawker.com was a news site. However, after paying closer attention to the front-page headlines and archived articles, I realized that the site was satirical and humorous in nature.

This site is not a typical “journalism” site. The content of the articles are not news worthy, and they take on a humorous twist.

This site was visually appealing. A main feature story, followed by links to more articles further down the page, give the site a simplistic appearance. The simplicity encouraged me to continue searching deeper into the site.

The content of this site was humorous, and it appealed to an audience that was willing to step away from the regular news content and get a couple of laughs and catch up on the latest gossip.

As said before, the sidebars that feature past stories are a great way to easily access past articles without getting lost in the site. I feel that an adaptation of this feature will allow visitors to view past articles without having to search through the whole blog.