Hello there readers!

Welcome to SLO Style Watch, a blog created by Cal Poly journalism sophomore Erica Husting. This blog is dedicated to everything STYLE — but with a little twist. Every entry takes into consideration the two things college students value most: time and money. Many style blogs out there focus on the newest trends modeled by the celebrities, which, unfortunately, come at a bit of a cost. Many college students find it hard to take a celebrity’s look and apply it to their college-budget wardrobe. Until now. Throughout the course of SLO Style Watch, readers will see a variety of How-To’s, Do-It-Yourself’s, and SLO spotlights on the most popular style trends in San Luis Obispo. SLO Style Watch will head to the streets to consult fashionistas, beauty consultants, and students for the latest style tips and trends. Readers will be able to apply these helpful tips to their wardrobe and overall look, so they too can look fabulous on a college budget. Let this blog become your fashion pallet, or base if you will, to help create a style that fits your personality, tastes and true self.

Happy Readings!