Assignment 2

Hello readers!

SLO Style Watch has recently gone under a few changes to become a bit more user-friendly and a lot more stylish. SLO Style Watch looked to the World Wide Web for a little inspiration, and this is what has changed:

One main change for SLO Style Watch has been its theme. After playing around with different layouts, SLO Style Watch decided on a theme that incorporates larger photos, has appealing text that is easy to read, along with headings and links that are eye-grabbing. SLO Style Watch has also replaced its header in order to reflect the blog’s purpose, attract readers, and make the site pop. These changes were inspired by this helpful weblog. 

Also, take a look at the left sidebar. SLO Style Watch is now on Flickr. This is where readers can see what’s stylish on the streets of SLO. Make sure to frequently check back, because SLO Style Watch will regularly update the account with styles that supports its posts, but will also feature pictures of the other popular trends out there on the streets. SLO Style Watch was able to connect its Flickr account to the blog with this helpful YouTube video.

SLO Style Watch hopes these new changes will help readers to get the ultimate blogging experience.