Hello readers! Today marks the sixth week of SLO Style Watch, and the half-way mark of the quarter. So in honor of this important milestone, a little reflection is in order.

This blog began as a class assignment, and I expected the audience to be composed of strictly classmates and my instructor. But I have been happily mistaken. The word of mouth is a wonderful tool, and after casually mentioning this blog to classmates, coworkers and roommates, this blog has gotten a lot of visits. But I would like to expand this blog’s audience.

And that means: Promotion.

After this post, my goal is to promote SLO Style Watch to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. By “inviting” friends on Facebook to click into the site or provide a link in the tweet, curious mind will (hopefully) pay a visit.

I also am very pleased with the amounts of feedback I am receiving: both from fellow classmates and other fashion blogs. The most popular post to date has been “Ode To Headbands.” Although it was lengthy, I feel the number of pictures and the interactive sideshow kept the readers hooked until the end. Therefore, I will try to incorporate more pictures and visual components into my posts.

On a more technical note, I feel it important to critique my writing. In every post, I try to be conversational and compelling. Short, stand-alone sentences are frequently used to emphasize a point or add a little humor. Style is a fun topic, and I try to convey that in my tone.

I am very passionate about this subject, and my posts show it. In the last two posts, I have gone over the 500 word limit. I have received feedback on this subject, and I am practicing tight writing.

So from this moment forward, I will be focusing on:

  • Promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and tags
  • More Pictures: Try to add more sideshows and/or visual components
  • Tighter writing: Stay close to 500 words
  • Audience interaction