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One of the most gratifying feelings a penny-pinching college student can experience is knowing they got the most bang for their buck —especially while shopping.

It’s always a happy day when you get a killer clothing piece without spending your weekly (or monthly) food allowance.

Tight wallets turn college students into bargain hunters who always have their eyes peeled for those red clearance tags. Unfortunately, limited funds mean a limited selection.

All too familiar, right?

Don’t take it the wrong way, great bargains can be found on the sale rack, but discounts are unpredictable, and selections can be very limited.

But what if there were places that have fashionable clothes for a fraction of the price —all the time.

Two words: Resale shops.

A resale store is an umbrella term used to describe a shop that sells pre-owned clothing.

There are many sub-categories of second-hand shops, with the most familiar being consignment stores and thrift stores.

Now, many can be weary of buying and wearing pre-worn clothes, but shopping at resale stores have many benefits.

Kristen Melancon, sales associate of the consignment store Retrofit, says shopping at resale stores is great for college students, especially in a town like San Luis Obispo.

(Shoppers) are able to find pieces that are one-of-a-kind that people aren’t wearing,” Melancon said. “When you walk around downtown, especially in a town the size of this one, you get a lot of repeats because you only have a small amount of commercial retail stores.

Who: Hannah Corry
Favorite resale find: Green A&G pants
How much: $20
Where: Buffalo Exchange,Santa Barbara

Child Development sophomore Hannah Corry agrees, and says she sees resale stores as a sale rack, but with character.

“Shopping at consignment stores is a way to find things nobody has,” Corry said. “When you get something from a second-hand store, it is something that is rare, vintage and is a lot more cheaper.”

To shed some light on this subject, SLO Style Watch hit the streets to find the best tips for resale shopping.

1. Be open to the possibilities

One of the most important things while second-hand shopping is keeping your mind open, Melancon said.

“You never know what you can make an outfit of,”Maloncon said. “Something may look silly, but it can be a really great piece if paired with the right thing.”

2. Shop often

The greatest, most exciting aspect of second-hand stores is the constant circulation of clothes. New arrivals are added whenever a store receives new items.

According to the article “How to be stylish in pennies,” Monday is the best day to shop because people are more likely to clean their closets on the weekends.

3. Don’t get discouraged

Since merchandise is ever changing, don’t be discouraged if you don’t find anything you like the first time around.

Shopping is a different experience every time, Corry said.

“It can be hit or miss because everything is ever-changing,” Corry said. “You might go there one day and not find anything, but you could go the next day and there’s a great selection.

4. Examine carefully

Since the clothes have had a previous home, articles are more likely to have experienced some wear. To ensure you are putting your money into a piece that will last a long time, inspection is necessary.

Journalism senior Karlee Prazak says she inspects her potential purchases when in the fitting room.

“I grab everything that I would be interested in,” Prazak said. “Then while I’m trying on the clothes I ask, ‘Ok is it a little too worn in’, ‘Do these jeans have too many holes in them?’”