Dear readers,

Today marks the two-week countdown to the beginning of summer and therefore the end of the quarter. This end to the quarter, however, doesn’t mean an end to this blog.

We come bearing good news.

Although we won’t be posting weekly, SLO Style Watch has every intention of continuing. But more on this later.

Because the end of the quarter is upon us, we’ve decided it’s time to have another self-reflection— on our past performance and a look into the bright future.

Over the last eight weeks, we’ve hit the streets of SLO, consulted fashion experts and discovered new companies to watch. We’ve experimented on our writing styles, storytelling abilities and site’s design.

And we’ve found the perfect balance.

And we know this because of our readers. SLO Style Watch is close to 600 views and has returning viewers from all throughout the United States, France and Canada. SLO Style Watch has also received a constant stream of viewer feedback in the form of comments and fellow fashion blog followings. This is something we never dreamed of achieving.

Because of this viewer interaction, SLO Style Watch would like to continue blogging.

And we are thinking bigger.

After studying web-based journalism for the last eight weeks, SLO Style Watch realizes that blogs catering to a specific niche audience are more successful. But also, we feel that expansion is good. And here is how:

Because a departure from SLO is inevitable this summer, we will continue blogging from the road. We will be covering fashion trends wherever we go. And that means some place very exciting.


SLO Style Watch will be spending four months in one of the memorable fashion countries in the world. Now how’s that for style watching?

So readers have no fear — SLO Style Watch wants to continue doing what we’ve been doing. We also want to expand our audience. Tagging and word of mouth is the best way to do so, and audience numbers will continue to be something that we will constantly be working on.