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Being a college student is all about practicality. Life can get quite hectic— between class, work, the gym, sleep, a social life.

So when life gets crazy, being practical and time efficient is a must.

SLO Style Watch’s audience has spoken, and quite a few eager readers asked us to cover the style trend of wearing gym clothes to class.

As soon as we started to investigate, we realized this trend is perfectly suited for the hectic, crazy life that comes with the full-time student status.

It’s genius really—this trend encourages a healthy lifestyle, saves time, cuts down on laundry—all while looking cute and fashionable at the same time.

Parks, Recreaction and Tourism sophomore Emily Seropian, who balances work, a full course load, WoW training and homework, says dressing to exercise is the most practical option for students like herself.

“As college students we are just going through our day,” Seropian said. “We’re busy people and we sometimes don’t have time to get dressed up and then change completely into workout clothes.”

Seropian says she often wears clothes that are appropriate for all her activities throughout the day —work, class, and the gym.

The winning outfit? Cute gym clothes.

And Seropian is not alone.

Business administration sophomore Amanda Matteson works at the Cal Poly Recreation Center’s front desk five times a week and says she sees students stopping by after class already prepared for a workout sesh.

“The majority of people who walk in the door are already in their clothes,” Matteson said. “I definitely see a lot of people in gym clothes with their backpacks on.”

It’s ok to dress with a purpose

After taking a quick poll, the majority of students interviewed said it is okay to wear gym clothes to class.

Leah Stamer, mathamatics sophomore, cross country runner and a member of the Cal Poly Triathalon team, was one of the students interviewed.

“That’s what I love about Cal Poly,” Stamer said. “It’s totally okay to wear workout clothes to class. Especially because there are so many cute workout pieces out there.”

Stamer loves Nike brand, especially the Nike Shorts. Stamer says her love for Nike shorts started in high school and has continued here at Cal Poly.

“They’re lightweight, breathable and they have ‘Nike Dry Fit’ built into them, so when you sweat, it’s not uncomfortable,” Stamer said.

Stamer is the proud owner of 30 pairs of these shorts, and says she isn’t the only one who loves the shorts.

“(Nike Shorts) are popular here at Cal Poly,” Stamer said. “And I can tell because I always look around and see new colors and think ‘Ooh I want that color,” Stamer.

Functionality aside, Seropian says Nike shorts are great to wear because of the variety that is out there.

“They are fun,” Seropian said. “They come in so many colors and they spice up the average workout outfit. For example, I have these bright red shorts that I love.”

Besides the Nike shorts, Seropian says yoga pants are also her favorite — for both the classroom and the gym.

“You can wear them to class because they are just as socially acceptable as jeans,” Seropian said. “And then they are also perfect for the gym because they’re comfortable and easy to move in.”

And, Seropian says, they can be worn with anything.

“You can wear yoga pants and a cute top,” Seropian said. “But then they can also go with a comfy top, sports bra and running shoes. All of these are acceptable to wear to class and the gym.”

Seropian swears by yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret, and Matteson says lululemons are also popular.