Hello, and welcome to SLO Style Watch! This blog is designed to highlight and address the popular style trends of today and adapt them to a college budget. Everyone wants to own their style, but are often discouraged when bombarded with those sky-high retail prices. SLO Style Watch is here for the average college student who values both time and money. This is the perfect place to find How-To’s, Do-It-Yourself’s, and fashion spotlights that will help readers look fabulous, for less. SLO Style Watch encourages readers to use this blog as a starting pallet, while incorporating their personal flares and tastes along the way.

SLO Style Watch is written my Erica Husting, a sophomore journalism student attending Cal Poly. Erica’s love for bargain shopping and fashion inspired her to write this blog, and she believes a fabulous wardrobe comes from getting a little bit creative.

Want to see a tutorial or get fashion advice? SLO Style Watch would love to hear from you!

Email: eurekasplace@yahoo.com

Twitter: *stay tuned*


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