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Nail polish is a tool of expression. Nails are like a canvas, and polish color is a way to document the style, feelings and emotions of the moment.

Nail polish is a mirror to the soul.

But nail polish can also be a college girl’s best fashion accessory. What better way to spice up a plain outfit, be fashionable and show your personality all at the same time than with a favorite, fashionable polish?

Journalism junior Jennifer Young says nail polish is the easiest way to show her personality.

“Nail polish is a fun way to express myself,” Young said.

Polish color has been, and continues to be, a staple topic of discussion in the style world. Blogs are dedicated and articles are written on the newest and hottest hues of the season.

Polish is a big deal.

So what colors work? Which colors should be avoided?

Sales associate at Salon Luxe Selena McCalip says color should be based around personal style.

Color has more to do with style and what clothes you wear,” McCalip said. “You don’t want to have crazy nails that never match anything.

So what are the best colors?

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An Ode To Headbands


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It is safe to say headbands are a college student’s best friend. They meet every requirement a penny-pinching student has for fashion: they are multi-purposeful, simple, practical, inexpensive and stylish.

Simply put: Headbands are style lifesavers.

The seemingly simple hair accessory has the ability to take an ordinary outfit that’s been in the closet for months and create the perfect, polished masterpiece.

Need we say more?

The exciting thing about headbands is the majority of readers, whether they know it or not, already have headbands-in-the-making. Whether it is an uncomfortable plastic band that makes the head hurt, or a piece of fabric lying around from an old shirt, the potential is there.

But unfortunately, headbands often go unappreciated because many don’t realize the style benefits headbands can bring.

So this week, SLO Style Watch wanted to focus on the great invention that is the headband.

But there is a twist.

Because of the wide realm of styles, widths and materials out there, SLO Style Watch will be giving readers the basics in Headband 101, as we have made two “Do-it-yourself” tutorials so readers can have their very own headband.

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SLO Spotlight: Colored Pants

Spring is here, and that means it is time to revamp the wardrobe.

This season is all about fresh, bright and bold colors. The fashion world is making a new statement — in the form of colored pants.

Tiara Francisco, manager of the downtown boutique Lulu Luxe, says this season is all about wearing pants that pop.

The popular bold colors for spring and summer are now channeled into the pants, instead of just the traditional spring top,” Francisco said.

The thought of replacing the neutral, all-too familiar pair of denim pants can be daunting, but surprisingly, colored pants offer a simple way to re-vamp one’s style for spring.

This is a season of new beginnings, and what better way to welcome in the new season than with this new staple essential. However, the concept of colored pants leave many questions to first-time buyers. This article will help address some of the most common questions.

  • Let the pants be the canvas

While one, bright color may seem limiting, many people don’t realize that the staple essentials already in their wardrobe can create a fabulous outfit. 

Lakin Hamilton, sales associate at downtown H&G boutique, says colored pants can be paired with anything.

“Colored pants can be paired with anything that is your taste,” Hamilton said. “They go well with a bright top, or paired with your basic earth tones.”

Agriculture Business freshman Anna Adams agrees. Adams says her outfits change depending on her mood.

“Sometimes I like to pair the pants with bright-colored shirts and go all out, and sometimes, I wear a plain colored shirt so I can show off my colored pants and let them be my attraction,” Adams said.

Some Tips

One main question potential buyers have is, “How can I tone down the pants?”

If someone wants a toned-down look, a neutral top is the the best way to go.

However, one can still add depth to their outfit, Francisco said.

“Since colored pants are usually skinnies, you can pair the opposite on top,” Francisco said. “A blousy, loose top can add dimension to your outfit.”

However, patterned tops are definitely not out of the question.

“Due to the fact colored pants are a solid color, if you have a shirt with a lot of patterns, you can pull out that one color with the same color as your pants,” Hamilton said. “This ties the whole outfit together.”

Still need some ideas? This blog highlights cute outfit ideas.

  • The color matters.

Believe it or not, color needs to be taken into consideration in order to find the most flattering pair of pants.

Just like shirts, pants can wash out the complexion if the wrong color is worn.

Hamilton recommends those with fair complexions to stay away from the lighter colors.

“You don’t want to match your skin too much, because those colors will wash you out,” Hamilton said.

For lighter skin, darker colors are recommended.

And for those with a darker complexion, Hamilton suggests going with lighter colors that will compliment the skin tones.

  • Quality v. Affordability

Another issue college-budget shoppers face is finding a balance between quality and affordability. Shoppers want to get the most bang for their buck, but they also want the pants to last for a long time.

Unfortunately, the reality is quality pants are higher in price range; however, Hamilton says there is a happy medium. One just has to know what to look for.

An easy, quick way to tell if a pant is quality-made is by the inseams.

“Usually, you can tell quality by the way the seams are constructed,” Hamilton said. “If there are any loose seams or fibers, it is a lower quality. But if you find tight seams, they are of higher quality.”

Stitching isn’t the only thing to look for. This blog outlines four indicators of pant quality.

Adding some style

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